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Kopaonik is the protected National Park, most famous skiing resort in the region and a habitat of numerous rare species of flora and fauna. It is located 230 kilometers from Belgrade. This is one of the largest and most visited skiing centers in the country with modern hotel and services. Kopaonik has first class skiing trails for alpine and Nordic skiing both for beginners and experienced skiers. There is also a special trail for night skiing. The center has a unique system of cable-cars and ski-lifts. Ski service and rent of ski equipment are at visitors’ disposal at any time.
Kopaonik become one of favorite destinations for relaxation and recreation. Rich offer includes hiking and cycling tours, school of tennis, basketball and horse riding. Kopaonik has two cold mineral water springs “Krčmar” and “Marine vode”. The slopes of Mt. Kopaonik abound in thermo-mineral springs, thus no wonder that famous spas such as Jošanička spa, Lukovska spa and Kuršumlijska spa are located near Mt. Kopaonik. Kopaonik is surrounded by numerous cultural and historical monuments such as monasteries and churches – Gradac, Pavica, Studenica, Žiča and Sopoćani.


Zlatibor is one of the most popular destinations for rural and sports tourism and one of the most visited mountain centers. At 1,000 meters above sea level, mild climate lures visitors all year round and it is a particularly attractive medical tourism destination. The rivers Crni and Veliki Rzav (Black and Grand Rzav) have cut their way through the mountain slopes in Zlatibor, while the Uvac River makes beautiful canyons in the southern slopes of Zlatibor.
These rivers and two artificial lakes abound in fish thus making Zlatibor an ideal destination for all passionate fishermen. This mountain is also rich in mineral water springs.
While you’re here, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to take a pleasure ride on the Šargan Eight Railway. The narrow eight shaped railway track will offer you a unique steam train ride between Šargan and Mokra Gora.
Every year Zlatibor hosts numerous manifestations. The Trumpet Festival and exhibition of traditional folk art that takes place by the end of July, gathering numerous orchestras and folk ensembles, attract most visitors. “Pršutijada” is the most famous manifestation in Zlatibor. The fair is organized by producers of smoked meat products from Čajetina municipality who are treasuring the authentic production technology.


Stara Planina (70 km from Nis) is one of the most beautiful and most authentic nature reserves that hides the highest mountain peak in Serbia – Midžor at 2,169 meters above sea level. Stara Planina has another name – Balkan.
It belongs to a vast mountain range which stretches all the way from the Black Sea to Serbia, and Stara Planina is its most western part; and a natural border between Serbia and Bulgaria.
The peak “Babin zub” (1,758 m) is one of the most beautiful parts of Stara planina and it is a protected nature reserve, but it is also a skiing center with cable car “Konjarnik” and artificial snow-making system. The peak Babin Zub has a unique morphological form, with the characteristic western vertical cliffs and one cliff resembling an old tooth, thus the name Babin zub (english: Old lady’s tooth). This cliff is around 200 meters high and it is accessible only to experienced climbers. This mountain is known for its mild climate, clean air, springs of hot mineral water, while the park “Stara planina” spreads on 142.000 acres. Friendly hosts will welcome you with lots of organic specialities and local homemade rakija (brandy). You should definitely try the famous “staroplaninsko jagnje” (lamb from Stara planina) with local cheese. The excellent lamb roast which makes this region famous.
Picturesque valley of Morava rivers – Great and South Morava – leads adventure-seeking travellers to „Old Mountain“. One cannot miss it: its visible miles away; a sheer raw beauty, unspoiled by industry. Its climate is typically mountainous – it is almost five months a year under snow, and thanks to variously angled versants Stara Planina is a perfect place for alpine activities – from skiing to alpinism. Several areas have intense skiing network, equiped with modern facilities and lit for night skiing. Adding modern lodging in hotels and private mansions made Stara Planina a new contestant to Balkan ski-resorts.


Mountain Tara is located in Western Serbia and it is a true gem of nature, one of the most respected National Parks in Europe. Untouched nature, skiing resorts and archaeological sites are the leading attributes of Tara, a mountain known for its diversity of flora and fauna.The old Slavic God Tar had chosen Mt. Tara for his home. According to the legend, the mountain was named after him.
Tara is located near Zlatibor and Mokra Gora, and it presents an area of exceptional natural beauties, It is the perfect destination for relaxation and recreation.
The canyon of the Drina River in the north of the mountain range contributes to the already exceptional beauty of Tara. Lake Perućac on the Drina River and Zaovine lake are located at the foot of the mountain. Thanks to these extraordinary natural beauties and unique ambient, Tara is a true jewel among Serbian mountains. Several archaeological sites can be also found in Tara.
All year long numerous visitors come to Tara because of favorable climatic conditions. Bajina Bašta, Višegrad, ethno village Drvengrad and the unique “Šargan Eight” rail can be visited as they are located at the foot of the mountain. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to experience a unique steam train ride on the inaccessible terrain and the narrow eight-shaped railway track between Mokra Gora and Šargan.


Fruška Gora is the only mountain in vast Panonian plain. With the highest peak at 539 meters above sea level, indeed it is barely a mountain. Fruška Gora was the center of Serbian culture during the XVII and XVIII century. 16 monasteries which are lasting for centuries and were built in styles of Baroque and Morava architectural school of medieval Serbia.
Due to its riches considering places of worship, Fruška gora is also called Holy Mountain or Serbian Atos. Numerous monasteries scattered throughout this picturesque mountain are a true gems of Serbian Cultural Heritage.
On one of the mountain slopes is located the spa Vrdnik where on its thermo mineral sources is built a modern rehabilitation and recreation center. This small mountain is decorated with twelve artificial lakes, and one of the most beautiful ones, Lake of Ledinci, is dried out at the moment.
It is Serbian National Park, with hundreds of autochtonous species of flora and fauna. Legend says that while God was creating the universe, resident of Srem had overslept, and came apologetically the following day. However, since God already gave everything away, he had no other choice but to give him a piece of Heaven. And that’s the reason why Srem is a land of Eden, because it has a mountain, Danube and Sava, plain, monasteries, everything your heart desires in a 10 mile radius.